Sure signs you are in a toxic relationship

Many of us have experienced toxic relationships. Toxic relationships can be painful and destructive, Whether with your spouse, a friend, or even your boss at work. But some signs make it clear if a relationship has become toxic:

Life Outside Of The Relationship Is Restricted 

You’re not allowed to have any friends, or at least none that your partner doesn’t approve of. Your partner will only let you spend time with friends, Sydney escorts, and family if they are present.

Your partner is jealous of your other friendships and relationships and wants to be involved in them as much as possible. They will make you feel guilty about spending time with other people besides them.

You’re Constantly Being Put Down

If you’re with someone who is constantly putting you down, criticizing and not taking your feelings into account, making you feel bad about yourself and like you’re not good enough, then this could be a toxic relationship.

Your partner should listen to what you have to say and respect your opinions. If they don’t do this, then there’s something wrong with them, and with the relationship itself.

If you feel like you have to beg for compliments or appreciation, then this is a sure sign that the relationship is toxic. You should be able to give and receive compliments without feeling like you’re putting your partner in an uncomfortable situation. 

Is The Relationship A Two-Way Street?

If your partner demands total loyalty from you, but isn’t willing to give it in return, that’s a toxic relationship. Your partner should also be loyal, meaning they won’t cheat on you or betray your trust by talking behind your back about something personal. 

Your partner doesn’t trust you, or treats you as a suspect instead of someone valuable and trustworthy. Trust can also be broken by a betrayal, which can lead to distrust or even hatred of your partner. Trust is built up over time as you and your partner prove that they can be relied upon in different situations. 

It Feels Like There Is Always A Wall 

If they’re always bringing up the bad things that happened in their past relationships but don’t seem to have learned from them, this is a red flag. Those stories might be told over and over again as an excuse for why they can’t trust anyone anymore and keep their guard up, then that could also be a sign of toxic behavior on their part. 

You should be able to talk about your feelings and emotions when things go wrong in a relationship, instead of reaching out to others for support. If your partner has made it impossible for you to discuss and sort out such matters, then it is time to move on.

In Conclusion 

It’s important to remember that no relationship is perfect, and some people are just not good at communicating. However, if your partner is constantly putting you down and doing other undesirable things, then this could be a red flag. That means it’s time for some serious questioning about whether or not this person is right for you after all.