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Residents of my District once held clean drinking water as a right, but no more. Ever since it was discovered that Chemours, a division of DuPont, was releasing the toxic compound GenX into the Cape Fear River—the source of drinking water for about 200,000 residents in the Wilmington area—for the past twenty+ years, residents have been concerned and confused.

Are residents still drinking GenX tainted water today? Yes.


What are the long-term health effects of GenX? Unknown.


What are our leaders in Raleigh doing to fix the problem? Not enough.


Do we want New Hanover County to become another Flint, MI? No. Today, I'm calling for action not apathy on the GenX issue and asking for your help on two tasks that can make a big impact:

1. Sign the Clean Cape Fear petition demanding Chemours stop contaminating our drinking water.





2. Help fund my bumper sticker. When I get into office, I'll work to ensure that clean drinking water is a priority, not an option. Purchasing 500 of these will cost us just over $400. With your donation we'll be able to order this week and start spreading the word!

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