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Marcia Morgan Files to Become NC House 19 Representative

Progressive Candidate Builds on 2018 Support and Success to Take Seat in 2020

Wilmington, NC--December 16, 2019: On Friday, Marcia Morgan filed as a candidate for District 19 representative in the North Carolina House. Morgan, a Democrat, previously ran in 2018 against then-incumbent Ted Davis, Jr. and came within 850 votes of flipping the gerrymandered district in what was one of the closest House races in the state. 

Bolstered by the support and progress made during her previous run for office, Morgan admits that while the Democrats in NC have made great progress, there’s still room for improvement. “While the state legislature is stronger now and can support a gubernatorial veto, there is still a lot to be done in District 19. With this District now including parts of New Hanover and Brunswick counties--both of which are impacted by the threat of off-shore drilling as well as pollutants in the Cape Fear River which threaten their water systems--it’s imperative that the District representative be one committed to protecting our environment and putting people ahead of profits. The hardworking people in District 19 want a representative in Raleigh who will work for the good of all citizens, not just a select few.” 

Morgan said, “In the House, I will fight to raise teacher pay in a way that benefits educators at all stages of their career. I will support the expansion of Medicaid and will stand strong against corporations and deregulation that jeopardizes our valuable natural resources. I will work with my fellow representatives--including those across the aisle--to affect positive economic and environmental changes for the people of my District and all of North Carolina. 

From Head Start Teacher to Army Colonel

The youngest of four children raised by a single parent, Morgan learned first-hand the challenges faced by a woman forced to earn an adequate living. Through a combination of scholarships, work-study opportunities and $75/month from her deceased father’s social security benefits, Morgan “paid” her way through Texas Wesleyan College, earning a B.A. in Mathematics.  

As an undergraduate, Morgan worked in the fledgling Head Start program. After teaching for a year in the Fort Worth Independent School District, Morgan received a University Fellowship for graduate school at the Ohio State University where she simultaneously taught undergraduate classes while earning her Master’s and Ph.D. Following graduation, Morgan was hired by Smith College in Northampton, MA as Director of Master’s Theses.

“After two years at Smith, my life took a very different turn when I joined the Army,” Morgan said. “The military provided an entirely different set of challenges and opportunities than anything I had ever experienced, including assignments in Korea, Germany and the Netherlands.” Morgan’s military career placed her in jobs with ever-increasing levels of responsibility, and she was selected for command at every commissioned rank she held. 


Morgan’s military career included two tours at the Pentagon, including one with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “Throughout the 25 years leading up to my retirement as a Colonel, the Army taught me how to stand strong through tough times, to care for my people and to prioritize scarce resources. It also taught me the importance of working together as a team to accomplish the mission at hand.”


After retirement, Morgan was asked to return as a contractor to continue working toward providing quality logistical support. In this role, she was presented with a commendation for her work in resource logistics in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attack. 


“​Throughout my life, as an educator and a career military officer, my motivation has been to serve and to care for others. While I’ve enjoyed the retired life and the freedom to do as I please, I cannot sit on the sidelines and watch our great state continue to move backward. While I do NOT have a political background, I DO have a strong sense of service to this community and a demonstrated ability to accomplish difficult tasks,” Morgan concluded. 



A resident of Carolina Beach, NC, Democratic candidate for NC House District 19, Marcia Morgan is a retired educator and US Army Colonel. A relative newcomer to politics, Morgan’s focus on the economy, environment and education reflects the concerns of the citizens in southern New Hanover and Brunswick counties. For more information or to donate to the campaign, please visit or

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